We all understand we live in a desert here in California. Water is the new gold or rather has always been like gold in terms of its value to our state. From the beginning of the population increases in our cities water has been a hot, valued commodity. Even before the days of Mulholland people were corrupting this resource but the Mulholland days surely provided a significant policy strategy for the state government, one which it continues to utilize even today. Below you find information on old policies instituted by the local and state governments as well as current policies.


We hope this will help you understand where we have been and where we are going.For a decade now we have been working to bring water policy ideas and legislation to your attention. We have amassed a stockpile of information and worked with some of the leading advocates and non-governmental organizations on this subject. We encourage you to learn all you can on this very important issue not to just to California but to the whole country.


One of the premier organizations in this fight are the CA farm owner and led group Families Protecting the Valley. If you want more information  about them , check our their website here.


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